Bridesmaid Clutches 2013

Bridesmaid Clutches Ideas

Each of your bridesmaids has a different style – why not let her select a clutch just for her style? We love this inspiration via Emma Gordon London (with photograph from a real wedding by Jody Miller Photography). Each clutch matches the color scheme of your wedding but adds a custom style preference for each girl.

Bridesmaid Clutches 2

Custom Clutches Bridesmaid

custom clutches bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Clutches! Genius, right? I have to ask- why isn’t EVERYONE jumping on the bridesmaid clutch bandwagon? Just think how more useful a clutch is instead of the typical decorative bouquet. By giving them clutches, my bridesmaids will be able to carry all my their important stuff around- lip gloss, cell phone, tissue, mints, etc.!

Purple Bridesmaid Clutches

purple Bridesmaid Clutches

Kate Sauerkraut Bridesmaid Clutches

Kate Sauerwein Bridesmaid Clutches

Bridesmaids are there for you on your wedding day, ensuring that your special day is absolutely perfect. So why not thank them with custom clutch! Our clutches are fully customizable, whether you want to line it in your bridesmaid’s Favorited color, label it with her name or leave the whole design up to her.

Bright Idea Clutches Bridesmaids

bright idea clutches bridesmaids

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