Juliet Bridal Cap Veil

Dazzling Juliet Bridal Cap Veil

juliet bridal cap veil6

This Juliet Cap is held in place by a small metal combs at front and also has small lace hoops at sides to which you can attach Kirbie grips to hair side under the gathers. It is usually crochet, decorated as well with beads or anything else. This small hat can be the single head covered or it can have attached the log veil and this to be the sustaining part. Scissors to cut thread and pliers to cut the wire. These scissors are made by Singer and I love them because I eliminated one tool and they do a wonderful job. I am always tempted by using scissors for cutting millinery wire but know that would be the end of my scissors. The veil above there is the Amelia veil – a structured Juliet Cap with a single layer of gathered veil.  The cap structure of the Amelia veil is created in ivory satin and ivory French lace – simply exquisite.

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