Exotic Eye Makeup For Wedding Party

Soft Color Eye Makeup

Soft Color Eye Makeup

Makeup are very important part of our beauty. Makeup has make the good personality and attractive touch of humans. It has changed the look of every person. It’s an eye makeup picture with soft color. The upper area of eye is in light pink color and the lower area of eye filled with mongia green color.

Glitter Kiss Eye Makeup:

Glitter Kiss Eye Makeup

Eye makeup depend upon the eye style. Some people have small eye and some have big which attract the other person. Eye shadows have in many different colors which increase the interest of other. In this post the girl have a medium size eye with gray lens. Her eye makeup is totally Glitter pink and they have a decent look.

Eye Makeup With Heart Design:

Eye Makeup With Heart Design

Its a picture of eye in which eye is decorated with pink and black eye shadow with glitter pink.The top of eye is designed with the hearts and circles which are made with eye pencil and filled with light pink glitter. And the starting of eye is also make with black eye pencil with pink glitter.

Light Color Eye Makeup With Mascara:

Light Color Eye Makeup With Mascara

This eye is make with four eye shadow colors like light red, brown, golden and black. The girl have a very beautiful eye with light zinc lens and her color is also white.The upper eyelid platform of eye is covered with black eye liner/mascara. Eye medial canthus is make with golden color, red is on the mid point of eye fold and brown color covered the upper part of eye.

Light Brown Makeup With Curved Eyebrows Shape:

Light Brown Makeup With Curved Eyebrows Shape

The girl have a big eye with Dark brown lens. She have a very simple eye makeup with Curved Eyebrow shape. Eyebrows is very important part of eye it gives more then one styles. In this image the girl have light brown makeup with dark line of Mascara. and the lower part is also filled with brown eye shadow and black liner.

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